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Prof. David Kirkland BSc CBiol PhD

In 1979, after 2 post-doctoral fellowships at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, David joined Toxicol Laboratories Limited as Head of Mutagenicity. In 1984 he moved to York to complete the establishment of the specialist mutagenicity testing company, Microtest Research Limited, which was acquired by Hazleton in 1990. Under Davidís leadership this mutagenicity facility became one of the largest and most respected in the world. At Hazleton (subsequently Covance) David was Head of Molecular Toxicology and then Director of Toxicology before becoming Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Consulting in 1997.

David was President of the European Environmental Mutagen Society (EEMS) from August 2009 - 2011. He is also Past President of the UK Environmental Mutagen Society (UKEMS), has edited 3 books on mutagenicity test guidelines (on behalf of UKEMS), has published >100 scientific papers, was Special Issues editor for Mutation Research for many years, has been a UK expert to OECD, and has organised six major international workshops on harmonisation of genotoxicity test procedures (IWGT). He has served over 9 years as a member of the UK Government Advisory Committee on Mutagenicity (UK COM). In recognition of his vast contribution to the field, David has been awarded Fellowship of the UKEMS, made an Honorary Professor of the University of Wales Swansea, was the first recipient of the Industrial Genotoxicity Group (UKEMS) Distinguished Toxicologist Award (2010), received the US Environmental Mutagen Society Alexander Hollaender Award for scientific contributions to the field of genetic toxicology and for global leadership in the regulation of toxicology testing (2010), received the The Kitashi Mochizuki Award from the Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society (2014) for promotion of international harmonization of genotoxicity tests through the IWGT, and received the Jim Parry award from the UK Environmental Mutagen Society (2015) for outstanding contributions by a senior scientist to the field of environmental mutagenesis.

David therefore has over 35 years experience in industrial and regulatory genetic toxicology, and has developed an extensive network of contacts across the world in industry, academia and government agencies. He is recognised globally as an expert in genetic toxicology, and for many years has been consulted by companies large and small for his expert interpretation of the genotoxic and carcinogenic risk of new and existing substances.



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